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 Tweaks and Adjustments

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PostSubject: Tweaks and Adjustments   Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:20 pm

Hey I noticed the server is back up when Juvy sent me a message so I went on (unfortunately noone was on) and I went through everything to make sure everything is on track to get this server back up and running like the godly server it was a year ago. These are just some things I noticed that was wrong with the server and could hopefully be fixed.

I can also attempt to host the server if someone teaches me how to Surprised

-Changing your character is broken, game freezes when trying to change a color, and wont show a change in the interface when changing the style
-The NPC Alrena does not sell anything
-There are no shops in the shops teleport
-No slayer experience from some of the monsters in the slayer tower

Am still going through everything~~
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PostSubject: Re: Tweaks and Adjustments   Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:08 pm

ik about alren the shps i moved lol i can get rid of pratal easy for slayer kil the gian rock crab give so much exp ull gt 70 slayer if u kill it takea whie though

I will give any 1 co owner if u get me this game pre ordered tell me on msn if u can

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Tweaks and Adjustments
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