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 Money Guide

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bob godz

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PostSubject: Money Guide   Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:46 pm

Here I will be giving ways to make some cash. Everyone needs cash.. But, not everyone knows the best ways to make cash.. Im here to help Smile
First off...

Theiving isThe best way to make cash. You get 10m per steal at the gem stall. I myself am always theving.. If you don't see me there im at godwars. I highly recommend it. To get to theiving, use the red teleport at home. Next to Faladdor one.

Godwars is another great money maker. You can sell you're drops to other players for a good amount of money. Don't go untill you are a higher level also and have a prayer level above 43. Take prayer pots too. I reccomend using magic. Magic can hit 80-100's if you're close to 99.

Slayer is an alright money maker, you can kill Abysall demons and sell the whip to players. It's not great but, it's enough. Then dark beast, kill them for dark bows. You can also sell to other players.

These are in my opinion the top 3 money makers! If anyone disagrees, you can make you're own money guide. Im also quite new. So this is just a rough estimate to the many ways of making money. Thanks and Bye.


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PostSubject: Re: Money Guide   Sat Jun 26, 2010 4:33 pm

not bad

Seth Randevous