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 A suggestion

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PostSubject: A suggestion   Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:58 pm

I have a few suggestions for this server. Few meaning ALOT
Yes these are people's suggestions I just simply copy and pasted them all in here.
1. Skilling Area
2. ::unjail, ::unmute, ::unipmute, ::unban, ::unipban(for admin+)
3. add more bosses to kill
4. make slayer easier like put master somewhere else beside dungeon and add a way to change task
5. make a new home if u want.. somewhere other people haven't made because people might see it and like that its different
that way u get more people then more donations and then a vps
6. unlimited run [Already made] - Need 99 Agility to have Unlimited Run
7. if its possible make prayer loss lower cause u run out of pray in like 5 secs
8. make maybe 2 more coustoms
9. make a ::resetserver for thrall, juvy, Seth and line only! because the server is getting nulled lately
10. Fix is so at godwars to the boss can't get stuck on the rocks.. then you can't get drops ;(
11. add ::voted and make it give a reward for people that have voted(P.S. you'll have to add a voting system)
12. Make the skills special after 99. So that when you get 99 you get rewards like you do when you get 99 agility rewards such as if you get 99 fishing or cooking you can spawn a invent full of food like you could before the new server update using ::food as a reward for going all the way to 99.
(Mine) 13. Make all the amount of xp from all the skills the same. Like make it equal enough.

Ok Juvy I made this Check list of 13 things that could be done. Now do them or alteast look over them and deny them...

Seth Randevous